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Epic Adventure Stories
Epic Adventure Stories

Connect your children with the KneoExplorers, and take them on an epic journey of discovery.
  • One day they are learning math in an ancient temple, and the next they are in a spaceship learning about the solar system.
  • Supports core reading and math concepts with fun activities and games!
  • Learners encounter games throughout their journey that inspire creativity and problem solving.

Innovative Story-Based Lessons

Jump right in using KneoWorld’s comprehensive lessons and stories for Grades Pre-K thru 6.

  • Complete package of stories, games, and lesson plans that support reading and math.
  • These lessons grow with your child! You have the ability to move your child between multiple grade levels anytime you want .
  • KneoWorld's stories and games meet the needs of your special needs child too!

Educational Games Library

Play thousands of educational activities that engage and motivate.

  • Learners gain key skills in literacy, math, science, and critical thinking.
  • Our game-based programs promote personalized learning by directing learners in their own learning pathways, helping them focus, persevere and learn at their own pace.
  • Use anytime and anywhere on any device!

Monash University Study of KneoWorld


Research Supports

KneoWorld's Learning Program

Monash University completed a study based on the United States Department of Education research standards, What Works Clearinghouse (WWC).

Two questions were answered during this mixed methods research study:

• What effect does KneoWorld have on learners’ task engagement and behaviors?

• How do learners and pedagogical experts rate the usefulness of KneoWorld?

The answers were significant and positive:

• Learners exhibited extremely high rates of time on task.

• Learners demonstrated highly appropriate social skills.

• Learners displayed highly appropriate behavior.

Experts confirm KneoWorld benefits learning.

With your membership you can:

Read... 100s of story-based lessons with new stories added every month.

Play... over 6,000 learning games with new games added every month.

Choose... what you do and when you do it.

Connect... and learn with others in our Private Facebook Group.

Play... with fun, printable comic books and workbooks for every age and grade level.

Control... the learning to best meet your child's individual needs.

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