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Homeschool Life -- 4 EASY Ways to Use Play to Support Reading

4 EASY Ways to Use Play to Support Reading Well, it’s the middle of summer (already) and while I don’t want to think about “back to school” stuff yet … I know I should. There are so many articles about the importance of play in children’s lives, mostly focused on the little kids. But play is...


Homeschool Life - Summer Learning!

Mention the word “summertime” and what do you remember? I’m not sure if you are like me, but I don’t remember spending time in a formal summer learning program. However, I do remember learning a lot during my “summer vacations.” Are you wondering how to integrate summer learning into your...


​Homeschool Life - An Intro to KneoWorld Homeschool Academy

We are KneoWorld Homeschool Academy! We are happy to meet you! We have so much to share, I’m not quite sure where to begin? I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Denine and I am the Director of Education & Curriculum for KneoWorld. KneoWorld is a blended learning program,...