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Epic Adventure Stories
Epic Adventure Stories

Connect your learners with  the KneoExplorers, and take them on an epic journey of discovery. One day they are learning math in an ancient temple, and the next they are in a spaceship learning about the solar system. The power of storytelling engages and reinforces reading and math. Become absorbed in each episode and take on each challenge as they arise. Learners encounter games throughout their journey that inspire creativity and problem solving. Comprehension questions at the end of each episode provide instant feedback on how each child understood the content.

Innovative Story-Based Lessons

Jump right in using KneoWorld’s comprehensive lessons and stories! These lessons provide you with a complete package of stories, games, and lesson plans that support reading and math. Mapped and measured to current standards, they reinforce specific skills and concepts expected in a 21st Century education. The lessons can be used as they are or adapted to meet the needs of your learners. Immerse your students in stories and games, proven to engage learners while giving them an innovative way to show what they know and can do.

Educational Games Library

KneoWorld offers hundreds of content-based, educational activities that engage and motivate. Through the power of play, learners gain key skills in literacy, math, science, and critical thinking. Our game-based programs promote personalized learning by directing learners in their own learning pathways, helping them focus, persevere and learn at their own pace. Our wide range of grade and skill levels facilitates differentiated instruction and personalized learning. Analytics measure a child’s growth and development within the learning levels.

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